The SPAM ME Project

Criminals always had to adapt to the developments of society.
Be it through alcohol smuggling during Prohibition or through
Converting analog thefts to digital. The spam emails scam is a Classics of the digital crime, it's the "below the line direct marketing strategy" of scammers. And as well as the marketing strategy of the PR agencies, they too always have to come up with new ideas to get careless mail recipients.

Since April 22, 2015, I secured the best of their concepts to 
analyze and interpret their creativity.

"Spam me" is the result of this collection.

The Project is made to put spam emails into focus. Something we rather ignore in our daily life. In an exhibition, Objects and screened Animations will gain the necessary attention. To inform the Viewer about the backgrounds, the actual situation and the realization of Spam, I created the Spamzine.

Some Pages have an Augmented link, I did not note which Pages that are so that the Viewer explore the Zine more. To see the linked animations you need the App from Arivive.

All used mail texts and subject are original emails. To keep the wording, they are kept in German and English.

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